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An NBSRA First Time!

The NBSRA had a “first time ever” at the Shed Builder Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And what a wonderful two days it was for us all. 

We never did this before. We were a bit nervous about our new endeavor, but the lectures and conversations were fantastic. Thanks to everyone who helped plan and staff and sponsor the shed rental association booth at the Expo.

On the Tuesday before the Expo, the NBSRA met for our annual meeting. The National Barn & Storage Rental Association (NBSRA) has been meeting now for more than 10 years, and it was time to expand by reaching out beyond ourselves in a new way. So, off to Grand Rapids and the Shed Builder Expo!

Our vision and purpose is to create a platform of healthy interactions for everyone in the RTO business.Shed Rent-to-Own is associated with more than just the RTO companies themselves.  Shed builders, salespeople, and shed movers all have interaction with the Rent-to-Own process. A lot of interactions!  

We came to the Shed Builders Expo to meet and interact with these businesses. Our interactions there were a learning experience for all of us, NBSRA and builders, salespeople, and haulers alike. 

  • We met shed RTO companies that did not realize that there is such an association as NBSRA. We do welcome new companies to join us, both small and large. Join us in our vision and purpose.
  • We did not realize how disconnected some of the various parts of the shed industry are from one another. We look forward to conversations that move the various players in the industry forward together on the same page. We hope to make information of this nature more available in the future.
  • Another important matter of discussion was making sure that all the parties understand what the RTO plan looks like for the customer all the way to shed ownership. What is a truly great plan for the customer? What about Early Purchase Options? What about overall contract length?  

NBSRA is truly committed to helping all the parties in the shed industry to ongoing success!  

Finally, join us in thanking the companies that sponsored the 2021 NBSRA booth at the Shed Builder Expo: AFG Rentals, Jay Rentals, Marcus Rentals, MyShedRental, Russellville Rentals, Watson Barn Rentals, and Whitsell & Company, P.C.!

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