December 2018/January 2019

Forecasting Demand

Wise shed builders are working less in their businesses and more on their businesses. This time of year, that means some deep thought focused on what they should produce for next year.  When asked for advice, I answer a question with a question, which can be maddening. It’s one of[Read More…]

Start-up Success

There’s a lot more to shed building than building and selling sheds. It’s that “lot more” that can cause a new builder to not succeed in an industry they love. So, how can a start-up shed builder have a better chance of success? Learning from others. Shed Builder Magazinegathered new[Read More…]

A Grand Old Gentleman of Sheds

Harlan Shedell of Gentry, Arkansas, spent more than 40 years building sheds.  He stopped building in 2013, but once sheds get in your blood, you can’t leave them behind. Today, he does lead escorts on deliveries for TDS Portable Buildings in Colcord, Oklahoma.   Shedell became friends with the owner,[Read More…]

Finding Good Help

The phone rings, interrupting your work. You take a deep breath and answer. It’s a sales guy, wondering when customer Smith’s shed is going to be ready.  You check the sale date—it’s already been three weeks. You frown—that should have been done by now.  That’s the fourth building this week[Read More…]

Great Investment Time

The lumber market adjusted to supply-and-demand factors throughout the most recent two-month period. Strong fundamentals supported robust business activity but were not enough to stop a slide in many lumber prices. Some prices represented an opportunity for shed builders to buy at levels not seen in years. ECONOMIC BACKGROUND The[Read More…]


Loss damage waiver, liability damage waiver, damage waiver fee. The names and acronyms may vary, but the concept is uniform within the rent-to-own (RTO) backyard structure industry. It is important as a manufacturer to understand the basics of what LDW is and what it is not from an awareness standpoint.[Read More…]

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