Darren Satsky

Staying Ahead of the Market

A robust lumber market this fall season combined with lower production from Western sawmills elevated price levels and extended ship times. Buyers’ persistent low inventories coincided with strong demand for many lumber products.  The low inventory scenario continues to have the potential for adding volatility to the lumber market this[Read More…]

Staying Ahead of the Lumber Market

Lumber inventories at the wholesale, retail, and manufacturing levels remained flat during the July-August period. Buyers continued their pattern of buying just what they need and expected prompt deliveries. This low inventory scenario has the potential for adding volatility to the lumber market going into the third quarter of this[Read More…]

Staying Ahead of the Market in 2019

Lumber prices continued to adjust throughout the March-April period, and the lumber market direction was mostly downward with Western SPF 2 by 4 dimension falling hardest. The supply-side factors that supported higher prices—log availability, production curtailments, and rail car arrivals—have abated. On the demand side, weaker housing construction data, labor[Read More…]

Staying Ahead of the Market in 2019

The lumber market’s historic volatility last year has reappeared at the beginning of the year, with some prices increasing dramatically through the first two months of 2019.   Supply-side factors supported higher prices, as mill curtailments, log supplies, and rail car availability contributed to the winter run, while winter weather[Read More…]

Great Investment Time

The lumber market adjusted to supply-and-demand factors throughout the most recent two-month period. Strong fundamentals supported robust business activity but were not enough to stop a slide in many lumber prices. Some prices represented an opportunity for shed builders to buy at levels not seen in years. ECONOMIC BACKGROUND The[Read More…]

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