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Are you ready for Shed Rush?

A ShedPro 3D configurator makes it easy to design and order a shed 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Imagine it’s the beginning of quarter three, are you ready for the shed rush or have you been snoozing? I get it, running a business takes time, energy and sweat. Sometimes a few drops of blood from the mistakes we make as business owners. But this is no excuse as to why you are not prepared to capture your share of the “Shed Rush” sales. Stop the bleeding, take the proper steps you need to gain sales and brand awareness. Where do you start? For starters you need to attract and engage ready-to-buy customers.

Your competitor has a 3D configurator and they are not afraid to use it. That’s right if you are hoping to gain new customers by posting pretty photos on Facebook, well you will get some sales for sure but your competitor is leaving no stone unturned and neither should you.

Technically all 3D configurators work the same. The 3D configurator serves as a net to capture sales and leads. But here is what you’re really paying for.

Launch Time: Is your 3d Configurator fast to launch? If you hear someone tell you it will be taking six months to get a 3D configurator I would be worried. This tells me their developers are not agile nor prepared.

Solution: At ShedPro we can launch you in as little as 3 weeks, on our ShedPro Lite plan.

Customer Service: Are you a ticket request or can you speak to someone 24/7?

Solution: At ShedPro we have live people working around the clock so your requests are getting taken care of the moment you need help. We don’t send you to a zendesk or ticket system we verbally know and act on your request. Zak Hall based out of Buffalo NY knows each customer by name. You’re never a number at ShedPro.

Development and Integration: So you need your 3D configurator to connect with Active Campaign, RTO National, Hubspot or Shedhub?

Solution: We got you covered. ShedPro can easily connect with 3D party integrations.

Features and Styles: Do you need to give customers the ability to install shelves, a workbench, or even better visualize their home office?

Solution: ShedPro has interior design, electrical, and models that most 3D configurators need to update. Our team of developers allocate a good chunk of their time adding new features that are requested by our amazing customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with features that make them desirable, competitive and easy to use. ShedPro offers an extensive 3D configurator with over 33 models and multiple versions of those models in our library of sheds, metal buildings, barns, chicken coops and carports.

Now you need active buyers!

After you launch the 3D configurator and make it easy for customers to design and order a shed, it is time for you to find those active buyers. This shed rush season targets a new community of homeowners. ShedPro supports your Google Ads Campaigns to attract and engage new ready-to-buy customers.

Why trust the ShedPro team? Because we have successfully been in business for over 12 years. You can have skill but a team who works together like a well refined motor is unbeatable. Relentless is how I would describe the ShedPro team.

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June/July 2024