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Why Use SmartBuild for Your Shed Software?

There are many reasons to use SmartBuild software if you make or sell sheds. Here are several important ones.

3D Configurator

With SmartBuild on your website, invite visitors to design a building and get a quote. Some of our customers opt to have a fixed catalog of building (shed) designs. They can establish any number of categories of designs such as Gambrel, Gable or Monopitch. Then, they can have any number of models within each category.

Another approach is to allow visitors to design their own custom designs. With SmartBuild, almost anything is possible, including any number of attached buildings, sheds, porches, wrap-arounds, etc. Customization unlocks the key to greater profitability when compared to offering only base models. SmartBuild allows a wide range of customization.

“Virtual Build” Generates Exact Requirements

SmartBuild is much more than a price catalog. SmartBuild uses a complete inventory database of parts with costs and prices to produce a“virtual build” of each structure. First, it “frames” the skeleton. It will generate shop drawings with cut lists for all the members of the frame. If metal panels are used, SmartBuild generates those cut lists, too. Then, an automated “takeoff” is performed so a complete parts list is generated for everything required to build that particular building.

In a similar fashion, labor can be calculated for each step required in the build process. For example, it is possible to calculate the labor required for each screw to be applied or each nail to be pounded.


SmartBuild will generate a full set of drawings including:

  • Foundation plans / floor plans
  • Wall layouts with window and door placements
  • Wall section views
  • Shop drawings for production
  • Elevation views


SmartBuild has the ability to capture and document any number of options that can be presented to buyers. Options can include features such as porches, wainscotting and cupolas, or may just refer to different products and finishes to be used. Give your customers what they want – a variety of choices they can consider over the kitchen table.

Grow Your Business

Will your software tool be the right one when the time comes to expand your business? SmartBuild already has robust capabilities for many adjacent markets. With the basic capabilities you have to make or sell sheds, it can be a fairly short trip to grow your sales by expanding your product offerings.

SmartBuild is already the tool of choice for these industry segments:

  • Post Frame Buildings
  • Barndominiums (Shouses)
  • Garages
  • All Metal Buildings
  • Carports

Application Program Interface (API) For functions SmartBuild does not perform, we have a powerful API available that enables SmartBuild to “talk with” other applications. We have a policy of working cooperatively with any other software company to write interfaces at no cost to our customer. In fact, we are proud to announce that we just recently completed an interface of SmartBuild with RTO National.

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