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Family Converting Shed into Tiny House

Beau and Kelly Brotherton and their children aren’t your typical American family.

Instead of wanting more, the couple wants less—a simpler, less expensive life. So, on 7 acres in central Texas, the family is converting a shed into a tiny house.

The shed is a 16 by 48 Lincoln from Franklin, Tennessee-based Woodtex that the couple purchased through the company’s retail partner in Robinson, Texas, Farm + Yard.

What makes this story even more interesting is that anyone can follow the progress of the Brothertons and their shed-to-house transformation, along with how they are embracing the homestead life and working at home.

In fact, Shed to House is the name of the couple’s Facebook group, and folks can see videos of the finishing work on the shed on their YouTube channel.

For more information on the family and the life they’ve chosen, check out their blog: Better Together Life.

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