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He vs. She Shed Shindig Going Down This Summer

Illustration by Rotelle Studio(e) Chief Architect Heather Ryan

This summer, the sexes will be duking it out in the backyard in the ultimate battle of the sheds. Rotelle Studio(e) CEO Peter Rotelle has enlisted Ty Pennington of Trading Spaces and Extreme Makeover: Home Editionfame to help him go head-to-head with the premier eastern Pennsylvania custom home builder’s all-female design team in what is being billed as the He vs. She Shed Shindig.

The design competition will incorporate star power, trendy design, social engagement, and a fundraising component culminating in the He vs. She Shed design reveal during Rotelle’s second annual Studio(e) Dream BIG Custom Home Event September 15.

Inspired by the growing popularity of tiny houses and the reimagined shed as the new backyard getaway, Rotelle Studio(e)’s He vs. She Shed Shindig pits the men against the women in turning the traditional garden storage shed into a creative outdoor living space uniquely his and hers.

Pre-event voting for the best shed design will include a local radio promotion, a Rotelle Custom Home social media campaign, and day-of-event balloting by the attendees of the Studio(e) Dream Big Custom Home Event. One of the sheds will be raffled off to a registered event goer; the other with be auctioned off, with all proceeds benefitting an addiction treatment center.

Two teams of three men and three women will use repurposed and reclaimed materials—wood, antiques, textiles, industrial and farming equipment, etc.—to design and furnish the 12 by 14 sheds. Ty Pennington’s design sensibility will help equalize the men’s team, which includes Studio(e) owner and president Peter Rotelle and Senior Project Manager Ken Zimmerman against the custom home builder’s female team of Rotelle Chief Architect Heather Ryan, Chief Designer Renée Pratt, and Design Consultant Emily Wisler.

During the summer months, the progress of the shed battle can be followed on Rotelle Studio(e)’s Facebook Page.

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