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Hot Shed Trends

The backyard gathering shed shown above helps take home entertaining to a new level.

When homeowners are exposed to new shed-use ideas, it can spur them to think in new ways about their own needs for a shed—and why they might need to buy a shed from you. What was once the domain of traditional storage sheds has transformed into sheds that are unique and functional spaces that are sure to impress.

The following are design trends that might give you more inspiration to meet consumer needs to help you increase your shed sales.


Inspire your customers by giving them the vision for all the possibilities of a backyard gathering shed. Start with a rectangular shed with windows. Then they can add seating and more for good times for every member of the family and their friends.

The fun thing about gathering sheds is your customers can get as imaginative as they want. And it’s a place where their favorite refreshments can always be at hand.
Help them consider interior and exterior décor. They can add chairs, a picnic table, mini-fridge, lighting (string lights don’t require wiring), glassware, wall decorations, and refreshments of choice. Now they’re ready to entertain.

And if they need something unique for children? Suggest they go retro with a ’50s-inspired soda fountain.


Help your customers create the perfect work-life balance by suggesting they move their home office to their very own shedquarters in the backyard. These kinds of backyard sheds are great for maintaining privacy and uninterrupted work time, and can easily be made comfortable and stylish.

Shown is a movie theater “She Shed” featured on FYI Network’s He Shed She Shed TV show.

Remind customers who will be storing electronics and office equipment in their shed to be sure to enlist the help of professionals (if you don’t offer this service) who can construct a proper shed foundation and ensure the electrical wiring is up to code. Many consumers, as we know, don’t think about local covenants for their city or homeowner’s association when it comes to backyard sheds and construction.


Men have man caves, but now women are getting their own special spot: the she shed. These custom sheds are designed to be a girls-only getaway for hobbies such as reading, crafting, gardening, exercising, or just relaxing.

There are no set rules to how a she shed should be designed or furnished, as long as it’s a place your customers will enjoy. Suggest that your customers add a porch or pergola to allow their she sheds to become a social space worthy of entertaining.


The trend to consume local produce and organic fruits and vegetables is helping spur home gardens. An increase in gardening can increase the need for garden sheds.

When you consider all the hardware homeowners can use to garden, from tools to tillers and wheelbarrows to cultivators, home storage space can run out fast.

Add in yard-care items—chipper-shredders, walk-behind and riding mowers, generators, trimmers, and blowers, and equipment such as pressure washers and shop vacuums—and a garden shed is now a true need-to-have. And that’s not including snow blowers, chain saws, and bags of fertilizer and mulch.

A work bench and shelves along with hooks and racks can add to this shed’s versatility.

With gardening so popular, it makes sense to probe customers about their yard and garden activities. This may get them thinking of buying a shed bigger than what they planned to buy to accommodate all their goods (and what they’ll buy in the future). As we know, consumers often buy a shed too small for their needs.


What goes better together than children and an outdoor playhouse? Young children love to be outdoors, and parents need to know their children’s whereabouts. The two needs come together quite nicely with a shed playroom. It’s a great solution for expanding inside-the-house space to the backyard, where children can play games, have puppet shows, and more. It’s a terrific space for having neighborhood children over, too.

Jazz up a children’s play shed with a portico with rails and well-placed windows.

Help parents understand the creativity you and they can bring to customizing a shed playroom with windows, bright colors, and creative touches. Build in storage, such as drawers, where board games, puppets, and toys can be easily stowed.

You can build a playhouse that will last for decades—a playhouse for the children’s children in later years. That’s a real selling point. Your customer’s investment in a playhouse has the potential to be amortized over many years.

It’s all about igniting the imagination of children in a place where they can have lots of fun.


People are so busy these days that time for hobbies, or even pastimes that might evolve into part-time or full-time home businesses, is treasured. The soul can be replenished by retreating into an environment that offers a respite from the rushed rhythm of life.

Many people need a space for painting, sculpting, quilting, knitting, crafts, and other hobbies. An arts-and-crafts shed offers that and more.

A person’s environment helps shape her or his ability to function well. A crafts shed, personally decorated to its owner’s tastes, can be the perfect place for creative freedom. Plus, it can make storing materials and equipment really easy for things like art supplies, fabrics, yarn, and more. These sheds can also be known as artist studios.

You can make them into exercise rooms, too. Ask your customers what type of exercise equipment they use to help them plan how much space they need, including open space for navigating. The need for space bears repeating because homeowners typically don’t buy big enough sheds for their needs.


These have been the rage for a while, but they continue to grow in popularity (perhaps their growth spurred in part by the increasing prevalence of their she shed counterparts). A backyard man cave is perfect for barbecues, watching big games on TV, or Bible study.

Over time, we’ve seen knock-out man caves with many of the comforts of home, and they’re just steps away from the house for the convenient replenishment of refreshments. What’s nice about man caves is that despite their name, it’s a nice place where the whole family can retreat for games and togetherness.


The past couple of decades have seen bike riding skyrocket. Not only are more adults riding bikes, but they also buy bikes for their children. All these bikes have to be stored somewhere accessible.

This can be an add-on sale for you. Meaning that while customers may buy a large shed from you for any of the above or other reasons, you might also try to sell them on buying an additional smaller shed that can house bikes.

Bikes can be scratched or damaged easily if they’re stored with lawn equipment or other goods. Plus, it’s a hassle trying to get to bikes or put them back in a shed that’s already pretty full of stuff. Stand-alone bike storage is the ideal solution. Maybe you can offer a bike shed discount when a larger shed is purchased.

You’ll probably need to prompt your customers into purchasing a shed that’s used only for bike storage.


Depending on where your customers live, of course, there may be opportunities to push sales of sheds that meet unique regional needs.

For example, swimming pools prevalent in the South would pair nicely with a pool cabana shed.

This “She Shed,” which was shown on FYI Network’s He Shed She Shed TV show,
features many of the comforts of home, including a refrigerator and cozy bunk beds.

In the far North where lakes freeze to thick ice in winter, fishing sheds can be an angler’s very close friend. Wherever hunters go, turning a shed into a hunting cabin can be ideal for a rest area.

Sheds built for chicken coops, dog houses and firewood storage are more popular now and offer niche sales opportunities for you.

Lastly, the mainstay storage shed will always be a sales leader.


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