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Learning at The Big Shed Show

The Big Shed Show, co-hosted by Capital Forest Products in Annapolis, Maryland, and Union Grove Lumber in Harmony, North Carolina, will feature nearly 70 exhibitors October 3 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Kentucky.

But there’s more that attendees will be able to take away from the day. Following are descriptions of all the seminars that will be offered.


9:30-10:30 IdeaRoom

“Navigating the Challenges of Growth”

Russ Whitney, founder and president of IdeaRoom, will be exploring the challenges of growing a shed business from startup to a successful multi-location business. As part of the presentation, he will offer ways to address the challenges of each stage of growth and why each stage of business requires different decisions.

10:45-11:15 Pine Hill Trailers

“Driven by You”

When you need to transport sheds and mini-barns, Pine Hill is your one-stop-shop. Offering innovative shed trailers, truck beds, service and hauling accessories, visit our booth or presentation today and find out how we are truly driven by you. Options for financing and trade-ins can help you get your hands on a Pine Hill trailer this year.  

1:00-2:00 Union Grove Lumber

“Product Specialization”

Union Grove Lumber looks forward to hosting a seminar with speakers Mo Lunsford and Erica Goodnight at the 2019 Big Shed Show. They will be presenting on product specialization, which will encompass species, treatment processes, and specialty cuts. Multiple species of wood will be presented, from West Coast fir to East Coast yellow pine to European spruce and South American radiata pine. Treatment of these species will be reviewed to discuss how they treat, what processes are used, and sales tactics to market for the end user. Lastly, specialty cuts will be presented that encompass the company’s computerized Holtec machine that cuts all trim lengths as well as the reveal of the industry’s first robotic notching process that creates the industry’s finest precision notched runners.

2:15-3:15 Roseburg

“Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Shed” 

A properly built and maintained shed can last for years. Discussion will include tips for floors, walls, roofs, placement, finishing, and moisture management.


9:30-10:00 YDOP

“Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Google: Practical Tips to Gain an Advantage Online”

Your potential customers are using Google to find their next shed. Will they find you or your competition? In this session, you’ll discover practical tips on how to stand out among the crowd and connect with your target customers online. 

10:15-10:45 PTS Direct

“The Importance of Product Protection for the RTO Customer”

RTO customers, on average, tend to not have enough cash on hand or insurance coverage to properly protect themselves in the case of an emergency. This can cause a hardship for themselves and leave shed dealerships in an unfortunate situation of trying to collect from their customer who cannot pay. PTS Direct Benefits is a certified, veteran-owned business that provides a valuable Product Protection Club Program for the Shed Industry. PTS’s program allows members to have their storage building replaced or repaired should they suffer a covered loss, while also giving them access to money-saving discounts.  This extra layer of protection and benefits is an attractive feature for both the dealer and their customers. Come to the PTS Seminar and listen to Tony Farrell, CEO, and John Blair, vice president of sales, give a presentation on the importance of offering a product protection program and how dealers can immediately increase their monthly revenue and profits with PTS Direct Benefits.

11:00-11:30 Haley Paint

“HANDI FOAM Installation Demo”

Shed manufacturers are building an increasing amount of portable buildings that will be occupied. Haley Paint’s new HANDI FOAM is a closed-cell, very strong foam that can be applied safely inside at a shed-building plant. The company’s low-pressure foam system has a start-up and maintenance cost that is a small fraction of the cost of high pressure equipment and constant expensive maintenance. Haley’s HANDI FOAM is an excellent upgrade option for shed builders and their dealers. 

1:45-2:45 E-Impact Marketing

“If They Can’t See It, You Can’t Sell It: Taking Photos That Move Sheds”

Great shed photos can either make or break the success of your marketing. Discover the importance of visuals in shed marketing and get practical tips on how to take amazing photos of your buildings that will increase your sales numbers.

“Can a Monkey Sell Sheds? Improve Your Sales with Marketing Automation”

Do you feel caught in a vicious cycle of chasing down sales that don’t deliver? Are precious deals are falling through the cracks because you’re too busy to follow up on them? Explore how marketing monkeys (automation) can help you focus on qualified leads and close more deals with less work.

3:00-4:00 RTO National

“Give Your Business an Unfair Advantage”

Learn how partnering with the shed industry’s No. 1 financial technology company is a gamechanger. RTO National has simple programs with flexible terms and competitive rates that are second to none.  An added bonus, RTO National is the only finance company selected to provide monthly payment options for both ShedView and CarportView. Help, tools, support, and advice—RTO National is here for every shed dealer. In short, RTO National is your partner for success.

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