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The 2016 ISM Expo took over the Williamson County AgExpo Park.

The International Shed Manufacturers Expo (ISM) took place September 14 and 15 at the Williamson County AgExpo Park in Franklin, Tennessee.

Major sponsors of the fourth ISM Expo were Capital Forest Products, A&L Paint, Cardinal Industries, and Pine Hill Trailer Sales.

“This was the first time we have moved the International Shed Show out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” says Tom Merkert of Capital Forest Products. “We felt that we needed to reach other markets of the shed industry.”

Educational sessions covered topics ranging from shed basics to paint.

Around 800 attendees came to the show looking for something to help with their businesses.

“I’m here looking for ideas,” says Harvey Trullos of A-1 Structures in Columbia, Mississippi. “You never know when a little bitty thing will spark something.”

The 2016 ISM Expo was anything but “little bitty.” More than 50 companies lined the trade show floor for attendees to network with representatives from lumber mills, paint manufactures, fastening companies, windows and doors and virtually every other component related to shed manufacturing and shed hauling.

Attendees also learned valuable information from a variety of seminars and hands-on product demonstrations.

Because of the experience and knowledge present at the show, the ISM Expo also attracted many new shed builders in the industry. Melvin Swarey of Swarey Excavating LLC in Lincoln, Tennessee, says he is in the process of building his shed-building shop.

“I saw people building sheds, and it looked interesting,” he says. “Friends delivering sheds in the business told me about the show. “I’m looking here for what’s available, what’s going on, to talk to other builders.”

In the end, the face-to-face connection of the ISM Expo was what attendees really appreciated.

A Mule 624T demonstration.

“It’s good to see the people you’re talking to on the phone all the time,” says David Miller of Mid-Michigan Minibarns in McBain, Michigan.

In 2017, Capital Forest Products’ ISM Expo and Union Grove Lumber’s North American Shed Show are combining forces to create The Big Shed Show. The new trade show exhibition will take place September 28-29 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, at The James Bruce Center.


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