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New Website for The Backyard n Beyond


When Curvin Huber of The Backyard n Beyond began looking for a web design firm to launch a site for his storage shed company in Ellsinore, Missouri, he went back to his roots in Pennsylvania.

There he began a conversation with E-Impact Marketing and settled on a basic website to get started selling portable cabins, sheds, and garages online. The result was a recent launch of a new website featuring storage sheds, portable garages, portable cabins, and more.

Curvin grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where dozens of storage shed builders crank out thousands of utility buildings and garages each year. When Curvin moved to Ellsinore, he saw an opportunity for locally built storage sheds that could be used as a car garages, portable cabins, and tiny homes or storage space.

“Most of the storage sheds coming into Missouri are shipped in from surrounding states,” says Curvin. “We are a local company.”

He says his company is happy to be building sheds, prefab garages, and portable cabins in Missouri.

All of The Backyard n Beyond portable cabins, utility sheds and portable garages are built at their facility in Ellsinore. From there, delivery of the portable buildings is free within 50 miles.

As a result, many folks in Southern Missouri now have the option of buying a portable building that is built in Missouri. Delivery is also available beyond the 50 miles with an additional mileage fee.


Curvin sees portable cabins as the most promising opportunity for their future. Being close to the Ohio River, the Mississippi River, and other waterfront properties means a robust market for small living spaces. The riverfront is a prize location for vacation properties where many need a small living space as a getaway.

The portable cabins from The Backyard n Beyond can be acquired as a finished unit or as a shell where the owner will do the interior finish work.

In addition, The Backyard n Beyond is offering Rent-to-Own on their cabins, sheds and garages.


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