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Q&A: Doors, Windows, and Other Products

MIDCO Building Products in Mayfield, Kentucky, got its start providing steel and fiberglass pre-hung doors to the shed-building industry.

Today, the company offers many shed products, including windows, drip edge, and other aluminum products. These products, and other accessories, offer builders many options for shed lines, along with customizable features for customers.

Shed Builder Magazine spoke with MIDCO sales rep Justin Burnett to learn more about the business and how builders can select the right doors, windows, and other accessories.

Tell us about your business and your experience in regards to relating to sheds and portable structures.

In 2008, after having been in construction nearly his entire life, and having built portable storage sheds for the past several years, Carrey Burnett saw the need for a greater variety of pre-hung doors. This included a vast selection of heights, widths, glass options, etc. 

After several months of trial and error, mixed with a little frustration at times, things finally began to take shape, and MIDCO was born, starting its business by supplying several local customers with doors. 

What was the original mission of the company, and when (and how) did it expand?

In 2012, because of my previous carpentry experience, and having spent the last nine years delivering sheds, I was hired on to manage sales. 

We have always tried to hire employees based on experience and honesty, and feel that this, along with God’s blessing, has been the reason for the success we have experienced. 

What products are your top sellers for sheds and portable structures?

While doors are still MIDCO’s “staple” product, windows and hardware have also become the focus of our sales. While we spend a lot of time on these “Big 3” as we like to call them, we invest a lot of time and research striving to provide the latest in-demand products for the outdoor industry. 

For example, double swinging French doors have surprisingly become a highly sought-after item over the past few years. 

Let’s start with what Midco started with: What should builders look for when selecting doors for sheds?

The most important things to consider when selecting doors are proper height, panel style, and the window option that best suits their building style.

What should builders consider when selecting specialized aluminum products (and other items you offer) for structures?

Most importantly, we want customers to know that it is no bother when they ask questions. We encourage it. There are a lot of options out there, and it can get confusing. We want the customer to understand fully what they are getting and to have peace of mind that it will satisfy their requirements. 

There are often times a variety of solutions for a project, and we want all of our customers to feel at liberty to ask questions. That is what we are here for! For instance, there are a variety of options for the z-bar and drip-edge manufactured here at MIDCO. We also custom design a wide variety of aluminum roll-up door thresholds and double door treadplates.

What are some common mistakes made when selecting and installing the products you offer?

Probably the most common mistake customers make is not being certain regarding the options of the products being ordered. For call-in orders especially, we only know based on what the customer tells us, and we don’t want that customer stuck with something that they can’t use!

How can a builder help a customer select the best/right doors and other products for a shed?

I simply suggest keeping a MIDCO catalog handy to show the customer all the options available. For instance, in neighborhoods with a higher crime rate, builders prefer a door with no glass. In a higher-class neighborhood, builders will lean more towards a door with glass simply for the light and curb appeal that it adds. 

It is really just up to the builder as to the options that he wants to offer his clients. 

What’s one piece of advice you give that you would want shed builders to embrace?

Watch your inventory! I know there will always be that one item that seems to sneak past you until you realize you are out, but there is always less strain at MIDCO, less strain on the builder, and more peace of mind in general when our customers order in advance. 

This gives us ample time to fill the order to completion without rushing. Especially given the current demand we are experiencing! 

Any final thoughts when it comes to the products you offer to the shed-building industry?

We strive to offer the highest quality products available at the best price possible because we know that it most certainly affects the bottom line of a building’s costs. However, if a customer is willing to upgrade, say from a single-pane window to an insulated double-pane window, those options are generally available. 

We always enjoy interacting with our customers and greatly value the friendships we have made through the years. You, the shed builder, are what makes us what we are, and it does not go unnoticed. 

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