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Reflections of Your Connections

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” — Booker T. Washington

Fresh off the Shed Builder Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee, I think about what a privilege and honor it was to not only attend such an event but to also share my educational presentation of the “10 Core Commitments for Success in the Shed & Carport Industry.” 

Coming from what the shed industry looked like 28 years ago to now, these types of events can be game changers for me and anyone else who chooses to attend, engage, and participate. 

You cannot catch fire if you are not around the heat, and the Shed Builder Expo definitely provides the heat!

On my long drive home from Knoxville, I started reflecting on my takeaways from the sessions that I attended and from the folks that I was able to spend time with. 

One of the common themes for me was connections and resources, and how important they are to maintaining and growing your business.

I am not just referring to the connections made in Knoxville, but rather the people that I connect my customers with to provide them options to complete their projects. 

I try to make it as simple for my customers to do business with me as I possibly can.

While anything can go wrong, and third-party connections are not my employees, customers want more than ever the right connections—resources—when making a purchase from me. They are looking for turn-key solutions these days. 

A prime example in my business is when one of my customers wants to order a carport or a garage and needs groundwork done in order to get started. 

When this occurs, I can confidently recommend and connect them to Floyd, who is a true professional when it comes to concrete, gravel, and ground leveling. 

Floyd is actually a customer of mine from many years ago, and he has become a great friend and the most reliable and quality resource for these situations. 

I have folks that tell me that they have called other companies to quote them groundwork and they never show up or follow up. 

I know that when I recommend Floyd, they are getting reliability, communication, and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. 

In my years partnering with Floyd, I have always received glowing reviews, which in turn gives me continued confidence in recommending him. 

I just can’t express what a tremendous advantage I have over my competition when I can recommend such a reliable resource like Floyd to help move my customer’s project forward. 

I recently recommended Floyd to a customer purchasing a sizeable garage from me. My customer had already been ignored by another concrete contractor, and to be honest, expected more of the same when I gave them Floyd’s number. 

The next day, however, I received a text from my customer who said that Floyd had already been to their property and quoted the job, and they were absolutely over the moon happy! 

When you recommend top-quality people, it positively reflects on you and your business. That’s why it is so important to recommend people who you trust who have integrity, who treat your customers as their own.

In turn, the people that you connect your customers with reflect your business and you can both help each other grow by doing a great job for your customers. 

Everybody wins when they focus on the customer. See you at Shed Builder Expo 2024! 

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