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Sell More, Sell Better

3D design software & sales tools for the shed, carport, & building industries

IdeaRoom is a premier end-to-end digital sales suite, aimed at providing the most effective, delightful buying and selling experience for customized structures. With high-quality 3D visuals, dynamic pricing, and simplified customizations, we’ve developed a comprehensive sales engine that facilitates shorter sales cycles, higher sales prices, and a superior user experience for the end consumer.

The IdeaRoom digital sales suite includes four core components:

  • A web-based 3D designer
  • An augmented reality viewer
  • A back-end CRM & data management system
  • An API for flexible system integrations

Our team is passionate about making our clients successful. We take pride in maintaining a deep understanding of each of the industries we serve, and are committed to sustaining thorough comprehension of our customer’s products, sales strategies, and business objectives. In turn, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional service to help them to not only meet their goals – but to exceed them. We are simply software developers with no ties to the industries we serve beyond helping each and every one of our clients to Sell More, Sell Better.

By signing up for IdeaRoom, clients can look forward to the following outcomes:

  • Higher conversion rates. Up to 50% increases in deals closed online.
  • Higher average sales prices. Up to 20% increases in average prices.
  • Reduced selling cost. Educate & qualify customers faster, eliminating sales conversations with “tire- kickers” who aren’t serious about purchasing.
  • Increased geographic reach. Better services for the outer range of your service area.

With 10+ years of experience, unparalleled industry knowledge, and unrivaled software, IdeaRoom is the best investment you can make to take your sales to the next level. Ready to learn more about the significant impact IdeaRoom could have on your business? Contact our sales team today by calling (208) 954-8570 or emailing!

Idea Room
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