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Studio Shed Provides Customers with New Payment Options

(Photo courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash)

Studio Shed, a provider of prefabricated modern backyard structures based in Louisville, Colorado, reports it has partnered with Acorn Finance, the home improvement financing platform, to provide homeowners with a new, rapid, and easy-to-use financing tool through their Studio Shed payment account. 

The new feature allows customers to receive personalized, pre-qualified lending offers from multiple lenders within minutes, select a financing option, and purchase a Studio Shed in a simple, affordable way.

“As the pandemic continues to change the way we live and work, and more people look to add space to their homes, we want to make it easy for our customers to review financing options quickly on our website, so they can compare rates online and receive funds within days, instead of weeks or months,” says Jeremy Nova, co-founder and creative director at Studio Shed.  

“Our partnership with Acorn Finance makes these home investments more attainable.”

In 2020, Studio Shed says it saw an enormous surge in demand for its backyard home offices and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). The company accelerated the production of its products and also introduced a 3D online design center on its website to empower customers to design and customize sheds to fit their needs. 

The company says the new financing tool goes a step further and allows homeowners to easily review monthly payment options from multiple lenders immediately. By simply filling out a short loan application online, customers can easily review interest rates, estimated payment amounts, length of the loan terms, and receive funds directly through a secure process without affecting their credit scores. 

“Home improvement companies like Studio Shed offer real solutions for today’s homeowner, and having quick financing and payment options at the homeowners’ fingertips is key,” says Giri Addanki, CEO, Acorn Finance.

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