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The Shed App Partners with 37 Percent Consulting

Bradley Kimberlin (left) and Robert Oxley, P.E., Ph.D., partner on The Shed App.

The Shed App has partnered with 37 Percent Consulting to bring a stronger range of integrated solutions to the shed industry, the companies report.

The Shed App, created by Robert Oxley, P.E., Ph.D., provides software solutions for shed manufacturers, specializing in point-of-sale, 3D design tools; manufacturing process management; component-based pay systems; delivery scheduling; and more for the shed industry.

The expanded suite of services offered under The Shed App brand will include the professional consulting services previously provided by 37 Percent Consulting.

Prior to becoming principal at 37 Percent Consulting, Bradley Kimberlin held the position of president and COO at a regional shed company in the Southern United States. Under his leadership, the company experienced both top-line and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) growth. He has been in the shed industry since 2005 and has worked in every facet of the industry.

“I am extremely excited about this partnership,” says Kimberlin. “The suite of services now offered by The Shed App is unrivaled in the shed industry and will allow our clients to experience phenomenal growth in their businesses.”

Oxley holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering. With a strong background in construction, software applications and operations research and system optimization, developing The Shed App seemed like a natural byproduct.

“I’ve worked in shed businesses that struggled with order integrity, lost paperwork and system and communication breakdowns,” says Oxley. “I told myself ‘there is a better way to do this.’”

The solution Oxley created grew into what is now called The Shed App.

“Simplifying process and empowering business growth is really what The Shed App is about, and the expertise and background Bradley brings to the partnership is an incredible strength,” he says. “I am very excited about the scope of services this enables The Shed App to provide shed business owners and managers. Without a doubt, this partnership will be the catalyst for a revolution of the entire industry.”

Following the merger on October 15, Kimberlin took on the role as integrator and principal consultant at The Shed App, and Oxley took the role of visionary and principal.

Existing clients of 37 Percent Consulting shouldn’t worry, however. For now, 37 Percent Consulting will continue to offer consulting services to existing clients outside of the shed industry.

The Shed App plans for the expanded suite of services to allow for better relationships with their clients.

“When you start using The Shed App, your business will improve,” says Kimberlin. “If not, then we aren’t doing our job. And we take that very seriously.”

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