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Tuff Shed Installing Record Numbers of Structures

(Photo courtesy of Tuff Shed)

A combination of factors has led to record numbers of Tuff Shed buildings being manufactured and installed since June 1, the company reports. 

Increased customer demand has been the main contributor to the trend, which saw Tuff Shed install more than 10,000 buildings in June alone, the company says. Based on trends, that number will be closer to 11,000 buildings during July. 

Customers spending more time at home has contributed to this increased demand, in addition to some pent up demand dating back to March and early April. 

Another factor leading to this record output is that Tuff Shed says it has been actively adding production capacity to every one of its factories across the country. 

That includes carpenter/pre-fab employees inside the shop, as well as authorized installer sub-contractor crews for building installations.


Tuff Shed Looking for More Employees, Installers, June 11, 2020

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