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Union Grove Lumber Initiates Transition of Ownership to the Next Generation

From left: Josh Goodnight, owner/vice president; Erica Goodnight president/CEO; Dee Lunsford; and Mo Lunsford chairman of the board.

The board of directors for Union Grove Lumber Inc., a lumber supply company specifically focused on the shed industry headquartered in Harmony, North Carolina, says the company has taken important steps to ensure its continued footprint in the shed industry by initiating the transition of ownership to the next generation.

This is a goal owners Mo and Dee Lunsford have envisioned since the company’s inception.

Lunsford and his daughter, Erica Goodnight, acquired new roles on July 1. Goodnight became president/CEO and her father moved to chairman of the board.

Goodnight’s husband, Josh Goodnight, was also named as an owner and vice president.

“When I began this business in 1986, it was my goal to have a footprint in the industry,” Lunsford says. “For some time now, I have made careful preparations for the future. I am very pleased to say that I was ready to take the step toward smooth generational handover, yet I will remain active in the operations of Union Grove Lumber.

“In my planning for the future of our company, I made the intentional decision to bring Erica to work full time after her college graduation in 2008. She has worked hard from the ground up in this business. It is my belief that Erica has built an in-depth knowledge of the industry we serve and enjoys the relationships we create with customers and vendors alike.”

“I look forward to taking on a greater responsibility at Union Grove Lumber,” says Goodnight. “While Dad never pressured me into this role, I am grateful for the foundation that he has laid for this movement to occur smoothly.”

At Union Grove Lumber, the smooth transition is a clear indication that active, engaged family ownership is continuing. The new owner will continue to be deeply invested and interested in the products, values, strategy, and especially the employees, customers, and vendors who make up the company.

“Union Grove Lumber has always been more than just a company to me,” Goodnight shares. “We have a very clear purpose and an intentional focus on customer service and relationships to those in the shed industry. The passion for service and excellence has always been a driving force in our family, which carried over into the company. It is important for me to carry on Dad’s legacy.”

Family-ownership structures are special. The owning family looks after the company very carefully—as people do with their own child. When a business has the values that Lunsford has shown and passed down to Goodnight, it means it fosters genuine care for customers, employees, and vendors. It also means that although bottom lines in the business are important, the family’s values are more important.

“Now in the second generation of family leadership, we look forward to continuing our legacy of excellent service, innovative products, and industry leadership,” adds Goodnight. “Our goal is to pass the torch to our two boys, when their time comes, in the same fashion that Dad has provided for us.”

Union Grove Lumber services shed builders throughout the United States and Canada. It currently has distribution locations in New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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