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Weaver Barns Gives Back to Its Community

Weaver Barns and the Weaver family have long enjoyed the support of its Sugarcreek, Ohio community.

In fact, the family has three businesses there: Weaver Barns, Weaver’s Furniture of Sugarcreek and the

The family says that the support of the immediate community and support from customers across Ohio and surrounding states, enables it to employ many amazing community members.

To show its gratitude, Weaver Barns is offering an End Of Year Giveaway for 2018. But this isn’t an ordinary giveaway. The company is inviting community members to nominate a person or family in need in the area.

Weaver Barns has a form on its website where community residents can explain why, in 300 words or less, the person or family is in need of the shed.

The person or family selected will receive one of Weaver Barns’ Newbury Sheds.

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