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America’s Buildings Continues Growing with Lowe’s

The crew at America’s Buildings is expanding its partnership with Lowe’s.

America’s Buildings, based in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, has partnered to bring quality portable structures to Lowe’s stores across the country, and the company reports that it has recently taken steps to improve and expand the program.

First, America’s Buildings has been in serious conversation with Lowe’s about Rent to Own, even with the terrific financing options Lowe’s has now for customers.

Second, the company is working to standardize the Lowe’s program with builders, in order to do a shed builder program for

Lowe’s and America’s Buildings are also running a promotion called SHED CITY. This is where they pick out a Lowe’s store in a district and blitz the parking lot with 7 to 10 buildings, along with the existing three to four display buildings. 

The buildings have the SHED CITY banners on them as well as banners in store about the buildings. Lowe’s has designated a sales associate to sell the buildings. 

Finally, America’s Buildings has implemented a carport, garage, and large metal structure program for 1,750 Lowe’s stores nationwide. 

The program has taken off and sales are brisk. These items go hand in hand with storage buildings, the company shares.

America’s Buildings says that Lowe’s has a strong commitment to customer service, and it works for them. They now have a strong commitment to be No. 1 in storage building sales, and America’s Buildings is committed to seeing that happen. 

America’s Buildings growth has brought them to around 400 stores nationwide, from Miami to Anchorage. Its network of builders has grown dramatically. 

Lowe’s has also gotten very aggressive in marketing storage buildings. The company has introduced a Virtual In Home Call Center, as well as inside sales. The call center has around 57 In Home Consultants, who have been trained by the America’s Buildings folks to sell buildings. These folks are very knowledgeable about storage buildings. 

Due to the number of stores and builders they work, America’s Buildings has regional managers in place to work with the call centers, in-store associates, builders, and customers. They are available 24/7 to help sell buildings. 

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