February/March 2017

Utah Shed Builder Opens New Location

  Wright’s Shed Co. recently opened and new, larger location in Kaysville, Utah, the company reports “We needed more space to make builds easier and faster so we can get them to the customers in better time,” says owner Dan Wright. “This new building will give us more space to[Read More…]

To Pour or Not to Pour?

It’s difficult to build anything without a proper foundation. While most sheds stand just fine on blocks, in some cases regulations or customer needs demand that the foundation be concrete. With blocks or even a gravel pad, the biggest consideration may be ensuring that the foundation is level. But with[Read More…]

How Do You Identify Your Sheds?

For more than 20 years, Blue Ridge Impressions in Port Republic, Virginia, has been selling nameplates for a range of purposes. About five years ago, however, the company began to explore an expanding niche where it saw a need for better identification: sheds and other backyard structures. Like many shed[Read More…]

Managing Cash Flows

Having cash is like having gas in the car. Whether you drive a 2017 BMW or a 2007 Beetle, you can’t go anywhere without gas in the tank. A business can be unprofitable and have plenty of cash (for a while). On the other hand, a business can be very[Read More…]

How is Your Company Being Represented?

We as a nation live in a day and age where online transactions are the norm—face to face interactions have become few and far between. People have become dependent on their smart phones and tablets for purchasing, selling, and all other social interaction. It appears that most people have forgotten[Read More…]

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