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Utah Shed Builder Opens New Location


Wright’s Shed Co. recently opened and new, larger location in Kaysville, Utah, the company reports

“We needed more space to make builds easier and faster so we can get them to the customers in better time,” says owner Dan Wright. “This new building will give us more space to better serve the customer and their needs.”

The additional space will allow Wright’s to better handle the increased workload as demand for their services continues to grow.

Wright’s Shed was started in 1997 by three brothers. With so many small business struggling, steady growth has been key to the success of Wright’s Shed. With continued education, a custom design team, and most importantly an increase in the customer service team, Wright sees a bright future for his company.

“We’re not just builders, we’re designers,” he says.

Not knowing how to deliver to customers and meet expectations has been the downfall of many businesses in the past, Wright adds.

Since Wright’s Shed has been in business, there have been many companies started and try to compete in the Utah shed building market, according to the company.

“We’ve learned to make our sheds look better and last longer,” says Wright. He says that’s the key to staying above the competition.

With continued support from satisfied customers and an ever-present commitment to customer service and custom design sheds Wright’s Shed Co. says it continues to push the limits of what is possible in the storage world.


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