We Just Want to Keep Building Sheds

Zook talks about his goats at home. He also has a donkey, some turkeys, and a couple chickens. Then there’s his lawn to mow, a garden, a dog and a cat, and a wife, Mary (not necessarily in that order). That’s the life he enjoys—that, and being successful in the[Read More…]

The Future of the Industry

Mel Fisher got into the shed-building business in 1973 when only a couple of his Amish brothers in Lancaster County in Southeastern Pennsylvania were building the wooden storage structures. He assembled a few hundred sheds each year outside his home in Leola. In 1979, stronger demand forced Fisher to move[Read More…]

Builder Q&A: A Quality Journey

Kenneth Miller has a passion to make a quality shed at an affordable price. He learned the trade from his father, and in 2003 opened Classic Buildings in Salem, Missouri. We had a chance to ask Miller a few questions about both his sheds and his family.   Where does your[Read More…]

Marketing & Innovation

Mast Mini-Barns in Fremont, Michigan, is definitely doing something right or they wouldn’t have been in business for the last 25 years with continued growth. Last year, 2014, was the busiest period for this company. The display yard was empty with no demos to display to customers. Sheds were rapidly[Read More…]

Current Issue

June/July 2024