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Builder Q & A Going Hollywood

For almost 10 years, Dan and Diana Cline have found success running Hollywood Sheds in Missoula, Montana.
Not bad for a couple who had never built a shed before. Shed Builder Magazine spent a few minutes talking with Diana about the business, their learning curve and the future.

How did Hollywood Sheds come about?

Hollywood Sheds was originally created in the 1980s under a different name. In 1994, Hollywood Sheds became the adopted name.
In 2006, I purchased a shed from the former owner of Hollywood Sheds. After my purchase I was approached with the opportunity of purchasing the company. Being an entrepreneur, I jumped on the idea. Never having built anything with wood before I had lots to learn and training was part of the deal we made.

What’s it like being a husband-wife build team?

Having a small company employing just the two of us is an ideal situation. We love going to work together and spending the day with one another with little to no stress. We each have our own jobs that we do so only a good relationship could make it work efficiently. (He doesn’t even care if I come in late…or not at all.)
Who are your “typical” customers, and what types of sheds do you create for them?
Our typical customers are the ones we love. They are the support of our business. They are usually first-time homeowners or repeat customers who want a locally built shed with sturdy construction.
We try to accommodate them the best we can by making them a custom shed that will fit their everyday needs and a style they will love. Or we can provide them with one of our inventory sheds that we can deliver within minutes.

How do your customers find you?

On each and every form we always ask how they have heard about us. Most of our customers have heard of us through a good word of mouth or have seen our displays that are conveniently located.
Where do you see yourselves and the business in the next 5-10 years?
In the next five years we would like to see our business continue to grow but still keep it a husband-wife operation with quality still in mind. In five to ten years, we will be in the mindset of a possible retirement if all goes as planned. At that time, we would sell the company but not to just anyone. Ideally we would like someone with our same ideas and integrity to purchase it.

The Clines build every shed on the lot.


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