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Florida-based Historic Shed Sells Shop

Jo-Anne Peck and husband Craig DeRoin decided to sell their Historic Shed shop earlier this year.

Historic Shed, a Florida-based custom shed builder, reports that it has sold the Brooksville shop it has used for construction for the past 15 years.

“The last six months or so have been really hard on us,” shares Jo-Anne Peck, who co-owns the business with her husband Craig DeRoin. “We take great pride in providing a well-designed and well-built product, but material shortages were really getting to be a problem.” 

The lack of materials resulted in the need to downsize the Historic Shed crew.

“Construction is a hard field to be in during the best of times, but the increased challenges had made it even harder,” Peck says. “I still loved to design for new customers, but getting permits seemed to be getting more difficult and took longer.

“Craig spent hours seeking materials I had specified, but which were not available or had jumped up in price. Then we had to explain to customers that we had to change how things would be built and submit changes to the building department for review, adding further delays. 

“To top it off, Craig had to strap his tool belt on more frequently to replace our missing workers, while also renovating our historic home. We found we were working twice as much for less money.

“In short, the last bit of fun was gone for us.” 

Peck says she and DeRoin considered several options, including expanding and building more units. However, the cost to expand was prohibitive, and the couple wasn’t sure they could get the needed materials.

“It would also be a huge change to the all-custom niche product line that we were known for,” she points out.

Other options were to sublet the shop, in part or whole, or to find an easier product to ship and build.

“Then we looked at the big picture of what we really wanted to do,” Peck says. “We’d bought a couple of residential lots in Brooksville previously and then took a big leap buying a 4-acre parcel of land downtown earlier this year. 

“What we really wanted to do was build traditional homes on these lots using the same design concepts that made our sheds and other outbuildings so popular. 

“We decided that selling the shop would allow us to focus on this goal, so that is what we did.” 

Peck says that the building component of Historic Shed is “on extended hiatus” without the shop. 

The design portion of Historic Shed will continue to be promoted through online sales at Liberty House Plans (, as well as taking on occasional custom design drawings. 

“We also have some ideas for how to use our Historic Shed brand in some alternative ways, and we are open to working with anyone who might want to license our designs for projects or for their own customers (franchise, anyone?)” Peck says.

“Thanks so much for being a part of what I will refer to as ‘Phase I’ of Historic Shed!”

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