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Pennsylvania Shed Retailers Merging with Manufacturer

Two Southeast Pennsylvania-based shed retailers will be merging with and changing their names to that of shed manufacturer Lapp Structures.

Both Country Structures and G&B Sheds say the merger and name change will take place in January 2021.

“By merging brands, we hope to streamline the administrative costs associated with running two separate businesses,” say both G&B Sheds and Country Structures. 

“This means we can better control our expenses in a time when material costs have been steadily increasing due to COVID-19 shortages. It also keeps us more transparent, so our customers know exactly who they’re doing business with.”

All three businesses have been interlinked for many years in the region.

Lapp Structures and G&B Sheds were originally friendly rivals in the outdoor furniture market in the early 1980s. And an employee of G&B Sheds went on to create Country Structures in the early 1990s.

Eventually, Lapp began building and selling sheds, partnering with and providing the structures for both G&B Sheds and Country Structures.

Ownership of Country Structures transferred to Lapp in 2013, and G&B Sheds transferred ownership in 2017.

“We’re excited to see where this change will take us!” both retail businesses say. “It will still be our goal to provide high-quality outdoor living products to our community, and we’re confident that Lapp Structures will continue this tradition as they have for the past  years.” 

Lapp Structures is headquartered in New Holland, Pennsylvania with additional PA locations in Birdsboro, Limerick, Quakertown, Wind Gap, and Pocono.

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