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Q&A: Windows and Accessories

Thomas Slack (left) and his brother James are partners in Shed Windows and More.

What sets one shed apart from another? For customers looking to make a shed their own, windows and accessories add a personal, unique touch.

Shed Builder Magazine communicated with Thomas Slack, a partner in Shed Windows and More in Longs, South Carolina, about shed windows and accessories, and the business, since the company “provides everything you need to build a portable building except the wood.”

Tell us about your business and your experience in regards to windows and other accessories relating to sheds and portable structures.

We are a family-run company that specializes in the quality of our product and of our service. Our company does nothing but stay ahead of the curve on the happenings of the industry and always being innovative with our designs and product development. 

We have no minimums on orders and all of our orders ship same to next day via FedEx/UPS Ground, Express, or Freight. Our experience with the shed and portable structure industry has been amazing. We have met and built amazing relationships with our customers. 

What types of windows do you most often sell for sheds?

The most popular window in the shed industry is going to be the aluminum framed vertical opening windows. A few sizes may vary but that style and material is what moves the most. 

What other accessories are top sellers?

Accessories are one of my favorite parts of what we sell. It is here people put their identity to their building. Some of our top sellers are the industry standard for louvered shutters and our USA-made flower boxes. 

Some of the up and coming items that are making a big splash this year are our branded vents and gable vents.

What should builders look for when selecting windows for sheds?

Builders for the most part have a good understanding of what they are looking for, but for the new guys, make sure that proportions are right and you don’t overcrowd a wall. 

What are some common mistakes made when selecting and installing windows in sheds?

Builders don’t make a lot of mistakes while installing a window, and if they do, they just move a stud slightly. 

How can a builder help a customer select the best/right windows and accessories for a shed?

Helping a customer select the right items can be easy or hard, depending on the customer they are working with. The best thing we tell a lot of our guys is have some of the accessories on hand to hold up to a window or have some examples you can show them in photos, videos, or on a lot. 

One thing I always ask is what is the intended use for the building? That answer in itself can change window size, accessory options, layout, etc.

Do you have advice for builders about selecting and installing other shed accessories? (Is there an accessory where you often find builders make a mistake/need assistance?)

Again, most of our guys do not run into installing issues with our products. We work well with them and are happy to educate anyone who needs help. 

We also have videos that we share with them on different products as well as detailed “how to install” documents for the new guys. 

 Any final thoughts when it comes to windows and other accessories for shed building?

Check out the new Shed Windows and More Inc. 2020 Catalog. The amount of new things we manufacture here in the USA, as well as here in the Carolinas, can really personalize, brand, and elevate your building and margins to the next level. 

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