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Shed Builder Goes Nationwide … Online

The idea for Studio Shed started because its founder had too many mountain bikes and too little storage space. It grew into an online backyard buildings company that now provides high-design buildings from coast-to-coast.

Since its inception in its founder’s backyard, Studio Shed has pushed the boundaries of the shed industry in every aspect of their business, including their modern shed designs, scalable prefabrication manufacturing process, and a consumer-friendly, online sales process.

One defining decision Studio Shed made was to be a primarily online retailer. Rather than investing in display lots and a dealer network, Studio Shed has invested in its online presence.

In 2014, facing explosive growth, Studio Shed realized they needed a more engaging and efficient online sales process to continue to scale. One of their biggest challenges was helping their potential customers visualize how the final building configuration would look.

At that time, Studio Shed had an online quote request form that included static pictures of the elements of the sheds. However, their customers “were never able to visualize the whole package together. The quote request form just showed little snippets of what they were getting,” says Studio Shed founder, Jeremy Nova.

The founders had a vision of an online design tool that would provide instant renderings of their buildings as their customers made design selections, but they were afraid that technology was out of reach.

That’s when Studio Shed found IdeaRoom Inc.

“We were skeptical at first that anyone could provide us with the on-the-fly visual configurations we were hoping for,” says Nova. “Then we saw an IdeaRoom demonstration and realized it was the perfect solution for us.”

Today the shed configurator generates the vast majority of Studio Shed’s leads. Most building sales start with a customer designing a shed online with their configurator.

With IdeaRoom, Studio Shed’s customers now have a much bigger role in the design process.

“The 3D shed configurator has become an integral part of our brand identity,” says Nova. “The ability to customize a building and be a part of the design process is critical for our customers.”

The IdeaRoom configurator has also supported Studio Shed’s desire to stay ahead of emerging retail changes.

“Studio Shed is always at the forefront of trends,” says Elaine Andersen, product designer at IdeaRoom. “They pay close attention to market changes and adapt quickly and effectively.

“For example, Studio Shed recognized mobile as an important retail channel very early. We worked with them to make the shed configurator compatible with mobile devices. Of course, they were right. We now find that nearly 50% of online shed shoppers are using some type of mobile device.”

Studio Shed has no intention of slowing down its pace of innovation. They say they are leading a “shed revolution” and redefining the shed market.

“Along with providing the best products, we are also committed to providing the best possible customer experience throughout the buying process,” says Nova.

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