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The Shed App Reports Positive Client Impact in 2023

Bob Oxley, founder and CEO of The Shed App (left), shares with the team during their annual meeting.

The Shed App, a complete shed-business platform, shares that its team and spouses gathered in Jerome, Arizona, Feb. 28-March 1, for their annual meeting.

The event took place over three days at a historic venue in Jerome, which the company says made for a fantastic setting for socializing and strategic planning for the next year.

“As I look back over 2023, the operational commitment to a 10-minute first response time by our customer support team has probably made the biggest impact for our clients,” says Bob Oxley, founder and CEO.

The Shed App reports that fiscal year 2023 marked its sixth year of helping teams in the shed industry leverage resources and get results and recognized several company, operational, and development milestones. 

Major updates to the product offering included:

  • The introduction of Supply and Product Catalogs providing the basis for List of Supplies for buildings as well as the ability to sell more than just sheds—in fact, anything—on The Shed App.
  • Track Order allowing customers to monitor progress on the order, including work-in-progress photos, any time payment on invoices, and electronic confirmations for deliveries.
  • Significant improvements to the user interface including finalization of the order form redesign and the completion of phase 1 of the implementation and the start of phase 2.

Last year also served as the genesis for The Shed Partner Collective, a group of vetted professionals to help its clients with digital ad ROI (return on investment), website optimization, and sales systems and coaching. 

Shed businesses using the Shed Partner Collective will tap into a team of digital marketers, developers, and sales experts focused on their industry. 

These select service providers will be able to offer clients a range of benefits, including the following:

  • Online/digital sales and advertising across Google Ads, Meta Ads, and other platforms, leveraging The Shed App marketing tools to find and target future customers.
  • Website design and development to engage customers, foster trust, and navigate customers through a purchasing journey.
  • Sales consulting to set up or optimize CRM (customer relationship management) for success, increase visibility into team performance, and train the team to close more deals—both online and at the lot
  • A comprehensive reporting structure to help teams easily identify problem areas in marketing and sales and focus attention on what is needed the most.

“Our team and our clients are always excited about the release of new features throughout the year, but the rapid response, care, and attention that our customer support team conveys helps our clients when they need it the most,” the company says. 

“An average 7.91-minute first response time and customer feedback rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars speaks volumes to the outstanding job they are doing.”

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