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Tuff Shed Celebrating First Ever National Shed Day

Tuff Shed, Inc., is pleased to announce that the first-ever National Shed Day, a National Day Archives officially recognized celebration, will occur Thursday, Nov. 30.
The first ever National Shed Day will celebrate the versatile, stylish, and classic building structure: the shed. 

The backyard shed isn’t just for storage anymore and can now be a refuge for entertainment, home offices, gyms, pubs, workshops, and most of all fun. 

Tuff Shed itself is celebrating the fun of a National Day in a video featuring Vice President of Marketing, Phil Worth. 

He humorously announces the new event while pointing out the other celebrations it will share the day with.

Additionally, Tuff Shed is partnering with the creator and star of YouTube’s National Day with Mrs. E, Mandi Erichson. 

“Tuff Shed went to the National Day Archives and decided, let’s have a National Shed Day because, hey, can you believe there wasn’t one?” Mandi says. “Now, every November 30th we’re all going to celebrate National Shed Day!”

America’s leading supplier of storage buildings and garages, Tuff Shed, is excited to begin this yearly event and hopes everyone has as much fun celebrating it as they did creating it.

And be sure to mark Nov. 30 on your calendar every year to celebrate National Shed Day!

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