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United Portable Buildings Takes Steps to Overcome Challenges

Casey Wiggins, owner of United Portable Buildings

Back in March, when COVID-19 was beginning to grip the United States, like most businesses, United Portable Buildings in Temple, Texas, wasn’t sure what was going to happen to the shed industry.

“What was going to happen to our business and what direction were we going to go?” says owner Casey Wiggins in an online COVID-19 video update. “How are we going to handle it? By the end of March into April, May, and June, we realized that it had a different effect than what we expected. Our sales went through the roof.” 

While the company was excited by the business, the sudden increase put stress on the manufacturing facilities. To counter this, Wiggins says they increased lead times for customers to receive their sheds. 

“We have taken necessary steps to offset this by hiring more employees working longer hours and doing expansions that both of our manufacturing locations,” he says. “We’ve increased our production now to where our lead times are getting better week by week.” 

Another challenge to the company, Wiggins says, was material cost increase across the board in the United States and a supply shortage of certain products. 

“I’m happy to say through our partnerships and relationships with our vendors and with our amazing team here at United Portable Buildings, we were able to strategize and overcome these obstacles,” he shares. 

“We’re back on track and we have all the material that we need to build your shed to our customers that have already purchased from us.”

Wiggins says the company has stuck to its core principles, being honest with the customer, treating a customer the way they want to be treated, and providing a quality product and service to the customer. 

“It’s about relationship building,” he continues. “It goes far above and beyond just buying an item. We want to have a true genuine relationship with our customers.”

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