Month: April 2017

U.S. Places Tariffs on Canadian Lumber

The Trump administration placed tariffs up to 24 percent on Canadian lumber shipped to the United States early this week. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the preliminary determination in the countervailing duty (CVD) investigation of softwood lumber from Canada. “The Department of Commerce determined a need to impose[Read More…]

Protecting the Bottom of Shed Doors

Race Storage Sheds in West Seneca, New York, is providing aluminum splash guards along the bottom of doors for protection at no extra charge, the company reports. According to Race, fiberglass doors used on sheds haven’t had protection at the bottom. Over the years, the company says it has noticed[Read More…]

Updated Window Installation Instructions

More sheds than ever are including windows, providing natural lighting and, increasingly, a breath of fresh air into backyard structures serving as workshops, studios, and more. “When I started, we were selling the old awning-covered crank-out [windows],” says Shane Hartman of WEH Supply Inc. in Denver, Pennsylvania. “They’re still around[Read More…]

Incentive Plans

I have no doubt that employee bonus plans, or incentive plans, work. Most production workers will get really smart, really quick, when they realize they have a good chance to earn more. I don’t think it matters if compensation is the number-one reason to keep employee engagement and morale high.[Read More…]

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