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SIM Sheds Golf Simulators

The SIM Shed allows customers to compete with friends or online on some of the world’s best courses. (Photo courtesy of SIM Shed)

While many golf courses across the country have struggled with stagnant or even declining number of rounds played, the golf simulation or “screen golf” market has seen explosive growth.

Innovative companies such as Topgolf are opening up locations around the world and blending entertainment and the latest technology to reignite interest in the game of golf.

Eric Auer, a Connecticut builder, has taken the indoor golf concept one step further and debuted SIM Sheds at The Travelers Championship at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Connecticut, in June. 

SIM Sheds are custom designed, residential golf simulator buildings that allow the average golfer to play a round any time, in any weather, in their own backyard.

“SIM Sheds bring golf simulation to the average golfer,” says Auer. “Playing a round of golf outside is a pretty significant time commitment that typically competes with family or work time, not to mention the challenges that New England weather brings.

“With a SIM Shed, golfers can play a round in December after the kids go to bed and the technology is so good now, it’s amazingly close to real life golf.”

Available to golfers in the New England, New York and New Jersey markets, SIM Sheds are custom built with the finest materials and incorporate the latest golf simulator technology, not to mention creature comforts such as a home theater system for entertaining non-golfing family and friends. 

“The biggest challenge home golfers face is finding space for a simulator,” Auer says. “With a SIM Shed, that’s no longer an issue. Plus, it’s light years ahead of just beating balls into a net. SIM Shed golfers can not only play or practice any time they want, they can also play online tournaments at some of the world’s best courses, including Pebble Beach, St. Andrews and our own TPC River Highlands here in Connecticut.

“The re-creations are incredible as is the competition from golfers of all skill levels worldwide.”Units will be available for delivery beginning in September.

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