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The A-Team in Tribbey (Part 1)

Alan Searcy moves a 12 by 40 to attach it to Mr. Doe’s house.

It all started a couple of years ago. A long-time business associate, who had become a personal friend, had an idea for a project at his place. It is a bit of a long story, so let’s get started with a bit of context and background. 

We’re going to refer to our customer as John Doe for his privacy. Mr. Doe lives in the obscure village of Tribbey, Oklahoma. It is a suburb of Wanette—at least that is the way I have described it to local friends who wonder where Tribbey is. He lives out in the sticks because he values solitude and privacy, so none of you should try to find him. 

The population of Tribbey is listed at almost 400 souls, but that number is misleading. The town limits sign on Slaughterville road is about 6 miles from the actual community. 

The incorporated area, according to Google maps, is significantly larger than my hometown of Pauls Valley (population 6,000). The small cluster of houses in the actual community are joined by one rundown church that appears abandoned and a rather lively saloon. 

Mr. Doe purchased a remote swath of land in this remote community several years ago as a sort of getaway from the hustle of city life. He initially bought a shed from a competitor of ours to use as a base of operations while he and his two boys were at the “ranch.” 

Over time, a couple more sheds were added to the compound to make a “house” consisting of three portable buildings joined together by two enclosed walkways. 

After some major life changes, Mr. Doe moved out to the ranch as his home. By this time, he had added a very large above-ground pool sitting next to a 14 by 40 enclosed pavilion from Better Barns. There was also a 12 by 40 building from our competition in a nearby clearing that he used for storage. 

In another clearing, he has a 14 by 40 that he uses as a home office and a 20-foot shipping container he uses for storage. Both were purchased from Better Barns during the last few years. As a part of our recent project, he added one more 12 by 20 shed for storage. 

For those of you keeping count, that makes a total of seven portable buildings and one shipping container. Mr. Doe is the ideal customer for our business! 

Unfortunately, Mr. Doe had purchased four of his buildings from a competitor who used T1-11 siding and he, like almost all other customers, had not performed the required upkeep. Therefore, he began having quite a few problems with the siding warping and becoming discolored. 

He reached out to us during the height of COVID lockdowns when we were crazy busy and prices were spiking to discuss the possibility of covering all his buildings with SmartPanel and applying a urethane coating. 

He decided to wait a bit for things to calm down. Then, when he talked to us again, the prices were even higher. It was earlier this year (2022 for those of you reading this in the future) that things finally worked out for both parties, and we decided it was time to make it happen. 

His original idea had morphed in the meantime to include moving the 12 by 40 from its spot in a nearby clearing to join it to the three buildings that made up the house. 

Then, as we made plans for Billy and his helper to tackle the job in the spring, tragedy struck. Donny, Billy’s helper, was involved in a terrible auto accident which has left him with limited mobility and permanent disability. 

Our plans were put on hold as we scrambled to compensate for the tremendous loss. It was summer before we had the team in place to tackle the project. 

The “team” consisted of Billy, his 14-year-old son Michael, and an old, out-of-shape general manager. Or, as we like to call ourselves, “The A-Team.” 

To be continued …

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