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Yoder’s Quality Barns Launches Website

Yoder’s Quality Barns in the Bluffton/Fort Wayne, Indiana-area, a producer of customized portable storage buildings and garages, has launched a new website at

John Yoder and his built the business on the idea that every shed should be as unique as the property it resides on. Instead of churning out dozens of mass-produced structures, the company prefers to listen to each customer’s needs and make a one-of-a-kind building to suit them.

Using the custom-building business model has yielded a host of loyal customers who are delighted to get a storage shed or prefab garage built just for them.

John was eventually joined full-time in the business by his sons Josh and Michael. As the years went by, they realized that to bring more awareness to their company and better serve their customers, they would do well to move to online marketing. 

“We wanted to be more visible, with the hope to have increased supply meeting increased demand,” says Josh.

Since they had never had a website before, they were somewhat unsure of exactly what form it should take. Eventually, they reached out to E-Impact Marketing, a digital marketing company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with a long history serving the storage shed industry.

After discussing ideas and goals for the website, E-Impact Marketing was able to come up with a design for the storage shed website that allowed Yoder’s to showcase both its custom shed designs and their current inventory. 

New customers are now able to browse the four basic designs of sheds (and one garage design) offered and see starting prices. Beyond that, pages go on to detail the various options available to customize each aspect of the storage shed’s look and construction.

A separate shed inventory page also offers a listing of Yoder’s current in-stock sheds, highlighting any buildings marked with a discount. Customers can request more information about the specific building with a button on each listing.

One of the challenges of creating the Yoder’s Quality Barns website revolved around the wide range of customization the company offers on every building. 

“Because they have so many great options, but not all options (like lofts) are available on every building, it makes the design of quote forms a little more difficult,” says James Charles, the site’s designer at E-Impact Marketing. “We solved the problem by allowing customers to select the building style they’re interested in and having other choices appear based on what’s first selected.”

Charles notes that a project of this scale is “not a small task.” On average, he adds, “a website the size of Yoder’s Quality Barns generally takes well over 100 hours to design and build.”

Yoder’s is hopeful that the new website will grow awareness of their company on an ongoing basis. Their goal is “to let our company grow as the demand grows,” according to Josh.

It seems to be having that effect already. After a few days online, the company had sold one of the two sheds they first added to the website.

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