October/November 2018

Flip the Switch

Many years ago, more than 200 in fact, Benjamin Franklin flew his kite into a lightning storm to find out more about electricity. It was a rather shocking experience. He wasn’t the first to discover electricity. Nor did he do anything overly useful that I know of with it. Thomas[Read More…]

Full Disclosure

Although many aspects of rent-to-own (RTO) businesses mirror one another, there are definite areas that differ due to state laws governing those peculiarities. For example, laws pertaining to the information that must be included on price tags for sheds vary from one state to the next. Because of those differences,[Read More…]

Juggling It All

It’s just after 8 a.m. on a Tuesday in late August in Duluth, Minnesota. Lee Gelineau has been hard at work for some time, gathering materials and equipment. And he’s squeezing in a few minutes for a telephone interview before heading out to a job site to build a shed.[Read More…]

NBSRA Ninth Annual Conference a Success

The National Barn & Storage Rental Association’s (NBSRA) ninth annual conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 5-6. An amazing lineup of speakers presented valuable knowledge to the attendees focusing on creating a culture of caring, outcome drivers and overall best practices for the RTO industry. Each of[Read More…]

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