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Oklahoma Builder Takes Part in ‘Day of Caring’

Photo courtesy of Quality Buildings Inc.

Employees from Quality Buildings Inc. in Norman, Oklahoma, took part in a “Day of Caring,” September 21, with the local United Way of Norman, the company reports.

The United Way “Day of Caring” is an annual effort to improve local communities.

“We were able to make some great improvements to our local community center and part of the Head Start building,” the company says on its website.

The group began in the garden courtyard, cleaning out overgrown, neglected flower beds. They also trimmed low-hanging branches, washed the dirt off sidewalks and the patio, and raked leaves.

In addition, Quality Buildings volunteers picked up trash from the playground area and dragged away limbs.

“We thoroughly enjoyed giving back to the community with all these tasks,” it says on the website. “Don’t let all that work fool you. We had a great time volunteering.

“The reward of helping out is more than worth the time and effort involved. Overall, the 2018 Day of Caring was a rewarding day, and at the end of it, we felt good to give back to the community.”

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