The New Guy

Remember your first experience in the shed industry? That day you walked in, not knowing much, and trying really hard not to do something stupid. I remember… Vance called and asked me to help him build a building on site. I was 16, and didn’t have a job, so I[Read More…]

Not So Concrete

I began building portable buildings at the ripe old age of 17. For more than a decade I’ve breathed in the rich aroma of sawdust and sweat. I’ve nailed, sawed, carried, thrown, caulked, painted, swept, and even laughed a few times. I have read stories about bold adventurers or famous[Read More…]

Calling It Tight Part 3

In the last issue of Shed Builder Magazine, we covered the first rule experts follow for having a difficult a conversation with someone in your business is to make it safe, creating an environment of mutual purpose and mutual respect. The next rule is to watch your words, to replace[Read More…]

Calling it Tight Part 2

Just like every play years ago on the football field wasn’t a disaster, every conversation is not critical. In fact, most conversations are simple. You can recognize that a conversation is about to turn critical with a couple of clues. The first clue I noticed was any kind of reaction,[Read More…]

Calling it Tight

There is not a single part of the shed industry that doesn’t involve more than one person. Every step, from production to delivery, relies on multiple people. Unlike tennis, golf, or wrestling, the shed business is a team sport. Over the years I have seen stellar leaders declare bankruptcy because[Read More…]

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June/July 2024